Welcome to the Brasserie la Risquette website !

I’m Edouard, a brewer and farmer based in Fiennes.

Story of the brewery

The brewery is located in the farm’s old milking parlour, which has been used for cow milking for 25 years. Following the cessation of milk production, the introduction of new production was necessary to maintain the viable farm. As an amateur brewer for about ten years, I was very interested in converting our cereals into beer!

Our goal is to use malt and hops produced on the farm to make beer. For barley the first use of wheat is planned for September 2022, that of malt early 2023 (the malting process takes more time)

The brewery in few figures

3 000 bottles/month

24,000 litres/year

10 cows fed/ year thanks to the draughts of the brewery and has the grass of the farm

our current projects

Growing malting barley

The use of malt is planned for early 2023. We have
sowed barley in October 2021, we harvested it in early July 2022, and it will be malted in late 2022 after a grain rest period.

Development of malting barley
Sssshhht ... grows 80%


A 50-foot test was conducted in October 2021 for hops!
The goal is to be able to produce some limited vintages by 2023 with our own hops, and why not install a one hectare hops in the years to come, so that the brewery is

Development of hop-growing
Sssshhht ... grows 50%